HELL–A FINAL WORD by Edward Fudge

The Surprising Truths I Learned from the Bible

Around the world today, evangelical Bible scholars are giving hell a serious second look. Would the God who gave his Son to die for sinners finally keep billions of them alive forever to torment them without end? Does Holy Scripture require such a conclusion–or offer a different vision?

More than thirty years ago, Edward’s 500-page book, The Fire That Consumes, challenged the traditional doctrine of everlasting conscious torment. When John 3:16 says the options are eternal life or perish, Edward shows that we can take that at face value. Hell is the second death, the wages of sin. Eternal punishment is eternal destruction.

Along the way, Edward relates his own personal journey in understanding the nature of hell, Most importantly, he leads the reader through the whole Bible to see what we have missed, then guides us through church history to understand where the idea of unending torment originated, as well as the idea that everyone finally will be saved.

The human story behind Edward’s work on this subject is now the basis of an award-winning feature movie. “Hell and Mr. Fudge,” starring Mackenzie Astin and Keri Lynn Pratt, is presently showing in selected cities across the USA and Canada, with DVDs and possibly television showings to follow. Click here for a trailer, casting, synopsis, and scheduled showings.

176 pages, $13.99Order from Leafwood Publishers
Toll-free 1-877-816-4455
or from your favorite bookseller.



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