Eric Pitcock is a liar

Prior to visiting BTW tv station, Eric already knew all about BTW and the tension between them and the church of Christ. He also had knowledge of Jackie Poe prior to talking with Jackie. He knew BTW would not sell him air time if he went in as the Church of Christ seeing Johnny has given the Church of Christ a bad name here. Not just this, Eric knew in advance that he could not get air time if he belonged to the Church of Christ. So, he thought he would go in as the “Church of God” then when cornered, he started spitting out various names for the Church in an effort to confuse Jackie and hopefully not blow his Church if Christ cover. Eric, you should repent of your evil ways lest you lose your salvation. This is one of them things for which we are not proud of and since then Eric has been schooled a bit betterClick on  >> Eric Pitcock

Below is a part of a post from Johnny Robertson where he is trying to address the dishonesty of Eric Pitcock.

Sure Eric knew about the issues. Eric knew that we had not been able to get air time on BTW. Eric tried to get the Pentecostals to sell him air time so he could have them go through the ordeal of kicking us off because we teach against them, but they let demons that teach just as much against them as we do, stay on. What will this accomplish? Here is what you miss. When they kick us off they show that we have something they can’t handle. The Baptist oppose them, but they feel that it is easy to argue the Baptist back down, since the Baptist are false too. it is easy for equal false groups to argue and nothing happen to either one, but when they come against the true church well it hurts them. Why do you think these post bother us? We planned all this, with the exception of the statement that Eric made to Jackie about Cleveland TN. I am more careful to make sure that anything I say to these guys will not be taken wrongly by brethren who support us. Eric is new as this and I don’t want to use his footage. Our supporters understand this issue. Don’t you realize how many supporters were involved in the tent event. They know that we culled the video and they appreciate the willingness on our part to say that we won’t use something we don’t want to defend    – Johnny Robertson  Click here to read Johnny admitting to the lies

Eric can be reached here for his side of the story:

Eric Pitcock

Preacher of the Northwest church of Christ

128 Gamaliel Road

Gamaliel, KY 42140


Phone Numbers

Home: 207-457-4609

Cell: 270-407-9188